Art Therapy & The African American Community

I believe I now have a more definite idea for my capstone topic space At this point I need to brainstorm ideas for specific projects that focus on this topic.

Here are a few possible ideas, but they will need to be flushed out more. Each idea is either focused on educating or creating an experience:


  1. Animated videos discussing statistics and resources
  2. Documentary or recorded interviews from professionals
  3. An educational zine or digital article
  4. An online resource for connecting individuals in the community to local art therapists
  5. A set of data vis infographics covering the statistics and topics of Art Therapy in the black community


  1. Designing promotional materials for a community art therapy experience
  2. An icon system to help individuals identify and express their issues
  3. A game that uses sound to express the individuals emotion
  4. A game that uses color or graphical elements by the individuals mood or experience
  5. Cards for identifying and helping individuals identify and address issues